Jungle Scout
Amazon and FBA product research made easy. Extract rank, sales volume, estimated revenue and more without entering the product page. Whether it’s product research, keyword research, sales analysis, or earning reviews, Jungle Scout is the most trusted platform for building a successful business on Amazon. Entrepreneurs and global brands rely on the best data when making business decisions — and that’s where Jungle Scout comes in. Jungle Scout’s sales estimates are recognized as the most accurate in the industry, so you can assess product demand, profitability, market trends, and competitor insights with confidence. By adding Jungle Scout to your Chrome browser, you can evaluate product opportunities as you search Amazon’s catalog, making product research quick and easy. With fully configurable settings and Jungle Scout data embedded directly into Amazon search results and product pages, this browser extension is the perfect tool to find products to sell on Amazon. With Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension, you can: ➤ See a snapshot of key product metrics like Best Seller Rank, historical sales, and price changes, and get an Opportunity Score for a product based on demand, competition, and listing quality. ➤ Add listings directly to Jungle Scout’s Product Tracker to monitor ideas over time. ➤ Calculate the potential profits and ROI of a product with Jungle Scout’s FBA Profit Calculator. ➤ View a keyword cloud of the most popular search terms for a product. ➤ Customize your view, settings, and filters for your product research and easily export data with CSV downloads. “Jungle Scout makes life easier, try it out! Don’t skip this by any means. It’s simple to get up and running and get the data you’re looking for, whether it’s product research or anything else (though it’s mainly product research for me).” - Tai “Definitely, my first recommendation for product research would be Jungle Scout.”- Daniel “I am grateful for all of the hard work the Jungle Scout team has done to create the platform and the Chrome extension that save me from hours of time and frustration.” - Christy “The JS extension is invaluable while doing product research by providing important data at your fingertips when and where you need it.” - Julia Get Jungle Scout to activate your Chrome extension, which is included in all plans. Start your product research journey now and build your business on Amazon with powerful capabilities for listing optimization, inventory management, reviews, and more. Trust the platform used by 500,000 sellers and counting. Learn more about Jungle Scout’s industry-leading features at JungleScout.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By using this extension, you agree to Jungle Scout’s Terms & Conditions available at: https://www.junglescout.com/termsofuse/ Disclaimer: This extension uses Google Analytics to collect usage statistics to help improve user experience. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, please visit: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
AMZ Keyword Suggestions Tool
Generate tons of Amazon suggest keywords in ONE click for free! Amazon keyword tool trusted by Power Amazon sellers worldwide. Keyword tool generate tons of amazon auto suggest keywords which can be used to optimize your product listing. Tailor make your listing for the sole purpose of being heard better. Stand better than your competitors and make better sales with the right keywords. SellerApp’s keyword tool helps you understand what are the best amazon keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision. Uncover the most profitable and highly specific keywords that help buyers find what you are selling. Find your best and the most relevant keywords that will help you rank better in searches and also make conversions. This keyword tool Chrome Extension pulls hundreds of long tail keywords. With the option to filter keywords for a particular marketplace, the keywords are customized to the marketplace you are selling in. Don't hesitate to contact us at support@sellerapp.com Constantly Updated! Check out SellerApp's Facebook groups where we share other awesome stuff! https://www.facebook.com/groups/423591284664675/ Other free chrome extensions by SellerApp: AMZ FBA calculator: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amazon-fba-calculator/bkdkbhjcfhfkmkbffkdklaiepfbllbgg FAQ: Q: Is there a cost for the extension? A: Absolutely not! Keyword tool is FREE. Q: How to use it? A: Just type in the keyword and select the marketplace. Find a list of keyword suggestions. Q: Where does Keyword Research tool extract these keywords from? A: These keywords are collected from the amz auto searches.
Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker
Free Amazon keyword ranking & indexation check tool by AMZDataStudio - The most accurate Amazon seller tool for keyword research. Bulk check the indexing and ranking position of all your Amazon "Merchant Words" and "Backend Keywords" in seconds for FREE!. Discover which Search Terms are not considered relevant by Amazon. Find the Best Keywords for your listing based on Relevancy, Ranking & Exact Search Volume on Amazon! What can you do with this FREE AMZDataStudio's Chrome Extension? - Check the current ranking position of any keyword for any ASIN - Check the indexing of any keyword for any ASIN - Get the exact and broad monthly search volume for any keyword on Amazon How to use this Keyword Checker Tool? - Choose your product's marketplace (USA, UK, CA, JP, DE, FR, IT, ES, IN, MX, AU) - Enter the ASIN and keyword phrases you want to check - Start Checking! How Can AMZDataStudio Tools Boost Your Amazon Sales? 👉Get the Exact Backend Keywords of Any Product: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/search-term 👉Get All Ranked and Searched Keywords for Any Product: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/organic-keywords 👉Get All PPC Keywords and Ads Positions of Any Product: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/ppc-keywords 👉Get AMZ Search Volume & All Related Buyer Keywords: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/keywords-generator 👉Check What Products are Bidding on the Same Word: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/ppc-radar 👉Track Your Keyword Ranking Daily Changes Lifetime: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/tracker/organic 👉Convert Description from Text to HTML Easily: https://amzdatastudio.com/user/html-converter
购物助手:通过人工智能节省时间。发现价格历史,避免昂贵的交易,发现虚假评论,发现卖家的负面评价。 店员:发现历史价格、虚假评论数量、卖家评级,避免有问题的交易。 🎊 在主要零售商网站上浏览和订购产品时节省时间。 💰 网上购物可以省钱 ✔️速卖通 ♛ 综合报价分析 ♚ 历史价格图表和建议 ♜ 基于人工智能的评论分析 ✔️易趣 ♛ 综合报价分析 ♚ 历史价格图表和建议 - 即将推出 ♜ 基于 AI 的评论分析 - 不久的将来 ✔️ 亚马逊 ♛ 综合报价分析 ♚ 基于人工智能的评论分析 ♜ 历史价格图表和建议 ✔️ 在线欺诈保护 ♛ 在您浏览时保护您:危险网站、欺诈、 恶意软件、网络钓鱼、流氓网上商店、危险链接等... ♚ 网站信誉按高级计算 拥有数百万用户评论的人工智能 ☔ 安全交易 - 您的人工智能智能购物助手,用于在线购物,在电子商务平台和网站上为不良交易“杀毒”! ☕ 我们的使命是协助您进行网上购物并防止网上不良购买。 放心网上购物! ✨ 再也不要多付钱了! - Safe Deal购物助手直接集成到亚马逊和全球速卖通、eBay等... 当您观看产品时,它会在价格标签下方显示价格图表。 🚥 如果交易是“好交易”或“坏交易”,立即结束。 - 使用购物助手算法进行快速产品分析 🛍 节省时间!在产品列表上显示结果,数秒内得出数百个结论。 - 避免购买质量一般的产品。自动分析数百条产品评论。 - 避免不良卖家。自动检查卖家过去的交易和评级。 - 避免人为折扣,尤其是在大促销期间:11.11、黑色星期五和网络星期一。 在这些日期使用我们的店员 - 数十亿亚马逊和速卖通产品的详细价格历史图表。 - Safe Deal 保护您免受主要平台和网站上的商业欺诈、在线欺诈和危险交易等安全问题的侵害。 🔒 您的隐私是我们的主要关注点。 - 购物助手根本不会跟踪您或您的浏览行为。 - 此插件不会减慢您的计算机速度。 🧘 这个扩展是完全安全的。 🥇 已通过 Google Webstore 安全审核。 - 请求最少的权限 - 不知道或存储付款信息 - 不包含任何第三方跟踪器 - 根本不跟踪您的浏览器活动 - 不接收或传输您的个人数据 - 不显示广告 - 不从事任何其他非法活动 ⚽ 安全购物是您的超能力。 💳 为什么可以免费使用? - 对您来说完全免费。 网站向我们支付一定比例的销售额,用于为其客户提供增强的服务。 - 我们根据店铺数据进行深度分析。 单个卖家或商店无法通过付费广告影响我们的推荐。 ⛈ 网络欺诈是一个不断增长的趋势。它负责超过 每年 1000 亿美元的损失,我们防止您成为 这些统计数据的一部分。现在安装。享受安全的网上购物。
Shopee Fans - 虾皮卖家助手
shopeefans.com - 虾皮卖家助手,一键铺货,高效运营,帮助卖家快速掘金东南亚。 Shopee Fans:An awesome assistant for the Shopee Seller. 1、Internationalization:support Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, etc. 2、Data Collection: simply collect and quick post that supports Shopee, alibaba, Lazada, aliexpress, etc; 3、Shop Followers: auto-following buyers, auto-filter invalid/inactive buyer and sellers; 4、Shop Switcher: easy to manage multiple shops; 5、Shopee Chat Toolkit: translation anything, notification in time; 6、Product Auto-Boost: auto-boost product, increase exposure; 7、Exchange Center: auto-exchange price, the product is controllable. Shopee Fans:一个非常好的虾皮助手工具,帮助卖家高效运营店铺。 1、国际化:支持中文简体,中文繁体,英文等多国语言; 2、数据采集:一键采集,快速铺货,支持虾皮、阿里巴巴、Lazada、速卖通等多个平台; 3、刷粉精灵:一键操作快速涨粉,自动过滤僵尸粉、不活跃买家、卖家等; 4、多账号管理:多站点店铺管理如此轻松; 5、聊聊先生:精准翻译,及时提醒; 6、定时置顶:自动置顶推广,持续增加产品曝光; 7、汇率中心:金额实时转换,产品价格清晰可控。 Shopee Fans:一個非常好的蝦皮助手工具,幫助賣家高效運營店鋪。 1、國際化:支持中文簡體,中文繁體,英文等多國語言; 2、數據採集:一鍵採集,快速鋪貨,支持蝦皮、阿里巴巴、Lazada、速賣通等多個平台; 3、刷粉精靈:一鍵操作快速漲粉,自動過濾殭屍粉、不活躍買家、賣家等; 4、多賬號管理:多站點店舖管理如此輕鬆; 5、聊聊先生:精準翻譯,及時提醒; 6、定時置頂:自動置頂推廣,持續增加產品曝光; 7、匯率中心:金額實時轉換,產品價格清晰可控。
瞬悉 - 跨境电商&外贸卖家必备运营工具
i-shunxi.com - 支持Ali国际站、AE、Shopee、Lazada等多平台,帮助卖家高效运营 瞬悉 多平台跨境电商专业运营操作提效工具 瞬悉为卖家运营和业务员提供商品批量查询排名、店铺分析、商品分析、找同款货源等功能,帮助卖家洞察行业商机、提供选品思路、优化流量入口。 实现产品调研、卖家分析、曝光诊断。 实时获取海量运营数据,随时掌握最新产品动态。数据获取更便捷,洞悉竞品更高效。 主要功能如下: 1.商品全方位透视 追踪行业top商品核心数据,列表页即可全方位透视,助您数据获取更高效,产品分析更便捷 2.竞品洞察:知己知彼、胜券在握 可以实时分析行业头部卖家经营概况、主营产品、交易数据等关键数据,提供收藏商品功能,随时掌握最新产品动态 3.市场分析:流量挖掘、验证思路 准确获取商品最低和最高采购价,分析市场趋势,验证选品思路;一网打尽核心关键词汇,持续获取优质流量 4.批量导出:一键下载、高效运营 列表详情页支持多数据批量导出,快速洞悉竞品数据,精细化运营商家必备,效率提升100% 5. 批量查排名:诊断曝光、优化流量 支持批量排名查询,记录历史排名趋势,了解自身流量获取优势 6. 高效获取商机: 买家访问偏好分析,导出更精准分析词、品、国家市场及访客偏好,方便优化选品和推广; 7.找同款货源:找同款功能完美嵌入网页,点击即找同款货源,便捷高效 现已支持速卖通、Shopee、阿里国际站
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